SfL is a package created for the “Statistics for Linguistics” workshop.

It includes some handy functions and data sets, but most importantly installs all necessary packages and contains exercise files.

Check out the references for more detailed information.

How to Install

The preferred way to install this package is through devtools:

# if devtools has not been installed yet, please install it first
# install.packages("devtools")

# then, install the SfL package
devtools::install_github("dosc91/SfL", upgrade_dependencies = FALSE)

You will be asked to update dependencies during installation; usually, updates can be skipped. Once installation was successfull, there will be a warning message on the usage of ...; this can be ignored.


Please cite the package as follows:

Schmitz, D., & Esser, J. (2022). SfL: Statistics for Linguistics. R package version 0.3. URL: https://github.com/dosc91/SfL

The following sources are made use of in the SfL package:

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